Welcome to Private School Insider

Welcome to Private School INSIDER!  This website/newsletter is the only independent regular, source of news about independent schools in the metro New York area.


We began life as a print publication seven years ago as a newsletter dedicated to delivering news about life in private schools. The goal was—and is—to better communications and understanding between parents and administrators in independent schools. When we started this newsletter we knew—as tuition-paying parents in private school—that other parents were curious about the workings of their home school as well as other similar schools and often relied upon gossip in the absence of facts. What we didn’t know at the time, was that schools themselves, because of their independent nature, often didn’t know about the workings of other, area schools.  Thus, we began as a two-pronged service to both constituencies.

We have served both well. Over the years, we have increased our scope to include all kinds of information about life in our independent schools.  We cover everything from applying to Kindergarten to applying to college. Our articles deal with topics such as tuition fees, admissions, college admissions, fundraising, curriculum development, the hiring of teachers and headmasters, the role of the Board of Trustees, gift-giving, grades and grading, school conferences, tutoring, sex, drug and alcohol education and usage, social life and mores, community service, after-school programs and, in general, any and all topics that concern life in private schools.

Our readers have been loyal and many.  We have always offered articles and question and answer pieces with leading schools, educators and professionals. Headmasters, heads of school divisions and professionals are all regularly quoted in our newsletter. We charged $75 a year to receive our six-times a year, 12-page issue of articles and features.


To better meet the needs of our readers, we have transformed the newsletter into a web-based publication.  This will allow us to do several things ;

1)    Increase frequency.  Every week, subscribers will be able to log into the website and read updated information in our NEWS AND NOTES section.

2)    Every month, subscribers will have the opportunity to receive one to three articles plus a Q&A on topics and with professionals that directly impact the private school audience.

3)    We have reduced the cost of a subscription to $25 a year. Since we have eliminated the costs of printing and mailing—we will be delivering directly to your web mailing address—we can pass those savings on to our readers. So, every week and every month—save July and August—you will be receiving fresh, important, factual and informative information on your child’s education, health and lifestyle.

4)    The ability to comment on articles. Subscribers will be able to comment on printed stories using their chosen password names.  In this way, readers will be able to glean other points of view, additional information, retain privacy, and be assured that, to the best of our efforts, opinions are shared will be shared amongst members-only. The administration of this website, however, reserves the right to delete any comments deemed libelous, homophobic, racist or lewd. Repeated transgressors will be expunged from the site.

5)    Access to archives. Subscribers will be able to call up at will articles we have previously printed and use as reference materials.

6)     A directory of services and professionals.  We will be adding to our database, a list of tutoring services, evaluators and remediation specialists, day and sleep-away camps, specialty programs covering all ages, after-school programs and other services that provide the “extras” to life in our independent schools’.

7)    A consulting service. By popular demand, we will be adding a fee-based service designed to help families and students figure out which schools might be a good fit.  As we regularly cover schools, we have a good idea of what makes each unique as well as their educational philosophy and current state. However, we will not fill out applications or offer tutoring services. Additionally, we are available to help high school students prepare their resume for college and fill in the Common Application form.